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Maskespill og trollspeil

Naomi Klein om møtet med sin dobbeltgjenger, og hvordan hun i forlengelse av dette har formulert en av de kanskje mest interessante inngangene til paradoksene i moderne venstre-/høyrepolitikk – og til den forvirringen som steg ned over verden under pandemien og lockdowns. 


«In June 2021, as this research began to truly spiral out of my control, a strange new weather event dubbed a “heat dome” descended on the southern coast of British Columbia, the part of Canada where I now live with my family. The thick air felt like a snarling, invasive entity with malevolent intent. More than 600 people died, most of them elderly; an estimated 10bn marine creatures were cooked alive on our shores; an entire town went up in flames.»

«For instance, in July 2022, Wolf went on a rightwing podcast carried by something called Today’s News Talk and shared what she described as her “latest thinking”. She had noticed that when she went into New York City, where the vast majority of the population has been vaccinated, the people felt … different. In fact, it was as if they were not people at all.

“You can’t pick up human energy in the same way, like the energy field is just almost not there, it’s like people are holograms … It’s like a city of ghosts now, you’re there, you see them, but you can’t feel them.”

And she had noticed something even more bizarre: “People [who are vaccinated] have no scent any more. You can’t smell them. I’m not saying like, they don’t smell bad or they don’t smell – like I’m not talking about deodorant. I’m saying they don’t smell like there’s a human being in the room, and they don’t feel like there’s a human being in the room.”»

«There was even a moment, while reading an article in the Guardian about her being arrested at a protest in New York, when I experienced the unmistakable chill of the doppelganger, an uncanny feeling Sigmund Freud described as “that species of the frightening that goes back to what was once well known and had long been familiar”.

“Her partner, the film producer Avram Ludwig, was also arrested.”

I read the sentence to my partner, the film director and producer Avram Lewis (who goes by Avi).

“What the actual fuck?” he asked.

“I know,” I said. “It’s like a goddamned conspiracy.”»

’If your Naomi be Klein
You’re doing just fine
If your Naomi be Wolf
Oh buddy, big oof’

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