– Et vannhull

Sionisme og antisionisme, per redaktøren i The Jerusalem Post:

«The time has come to regard these individuals and groups as having separated themselves from the Jewish community and the Jewish people. As we at the Post wrote in an editorial on the subject this week, “anti-Zionist Jews are not representative of the Jewish community and they don’t speak in its name. They are as Jewish as the Westboro Baptist Church is Christian.” While they may still technically be Jewish due to their parentage or conversion, while they may lead superficially Jewish lives, we can no longer consider them part of Klal Yisrael.

Concluding that these people, whose actions directly endanger the Jewish people, are no longer part of us will be immensely painful to their families, their communities, and our entire nation. Like my friend Dan, many of us have long believed that every Jew is worth fighting for. And like him, I consider these lines some of the most difficult I have ever written. But the past few weeks since the October 7 massacre have represented a watershed moment, a turning point in the history of the Jewish people and of their greatest collective project in the modern era, the Jewish state. A line has been drawn in the sand.

Those who have aligned themselves with the murderers of Jewish children are not with us. They are against us. And even as we hold out hope that perhaps, someday, they will repent and return to the Jewish fold, we need to view them as lost to our people and treat them as such.»


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